Country's largest mobile financial service provider bKash has expanded its low-cost cash out facility to make transactions more affordable for customers. Now customers can cash out up to Tk 50,000 per month at a cost of Tk 14.90 per thousand at two ‘Priyo Agent’ numbers. As always, this cash out charge is inclusive of all charges including VAT.

This initiative will make daily financial transactions of bKash’s 75 million customers more affordable.

From 330,000 bKash agents spread across the country, customers can add up to two ‘Priyo Agents’ at their convenience. They will also be able to change the “Priyo Agents’’ after the end of a calendar month.

To add Priyo Agent numbers, a customer needs to follow a few simple steps after tapping on the ‘Cash Out’ icon from the home screen of the bKash app. Customers can also add ‘Priyo Agents’ by dialing USSD code *247# and selecting 'Priyo Number' from 'My bKash' menu. They can check the status of monthly cash out limit from the bKash app, anytime.  In case of Cash Out over Tk 50,000 in a month and to Cash Out from any agent other than ‘Priyo Agents’, the charge will be Tk 18.50 per thousand.

Besides, customers can still enjoy Cash Out at a charge of Tk 14.90 per thousand from nearly 3000 ATMs of 19 commercial banks across the country. 

People working in the urban areas, especially garment workers, day labourers, rickshaw pullers, small traders and of various professions regularly transact money with their loved ones through bKash. Their loved ones, living in different parts of the country, then Cash Out at a nearby agent point according to their convenience. Mobile financial service becomes more affordable to all including the marginalised people, due to this extended low-cost Cash Out charge facility of bKash.

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