TTD Live 2023

Grace Baptist Fellowship | February 4th 2023


A conference For refocusing your vision for your homeschool

Teach Them Diligently events and resources have been used by the Lord to impact countless homeschool families just like yours by encouraging their hearts, refocusing their minds, and helping them find joy and order in what God has called them to do. It is truly a JOY to get together with thousands of others who are making decisions that put the hearts and minds of their family first. Make your plans to join us this season in Greenville, SC for a 1-day celebration of faith, family, and homeschooling unlike you’ve ever experienced. We cannot WAIT to see you there!

Why Us?

For over 11 years, our events have been a life-changing experience for all homeschoolers focused on Family Discipleship.

How Much?

So much cheaper than you would expect. We try to keep our event as affordable as possible.

When is it?

This event is a 1 day event on February 4th, 2023. We have our typical 3 day events in TX and TN later on in the spring!

This event's speakers:

Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John

David and Leslie Nunnery

Teach Them Diligently

Kim Sorgius

Not Consumed Ministries

Hal & Melanie Young

Hal and Melanie Young

Raising Real Men/Craftsman Crate

Stephen Ashton

Trail Life

Why this theme for 2023?

For the last 11 years, Teach Them Diligently events and resources have focused on the HEART of our homeschool, and we’ve stood in awe as God has transformed families by opening their eyes to the incredible importance of what they do every single day within their homes. By prioritizing discipleship, relationships, and giving our children a foundation for their faith that will hold no matter what craziness the world tries to push on them, we are truly preparing them for success no matter what God calls them to do in the days ahead. Time after time, we’ve heard from families whose lives have been transformed as they’ve realized the importance of their mission and re-aligned their thinking to fit that.

Homeschooling for the heart of your children is a lifestyle choice that goes well beyond a mere educational decision. It can strengthen your family, give increased confidence, and bring peace to your days. We believe in the method so much in fact that we’ve coined the phrase “Heart Schoolers” to identify those of us who prioritize discipleship and allow that to drive our educational efforts. Heart Schooling prioritizes the hearts in children. When priorities are in line, hearts are won, academic excellence is achieved as love of learning increases, and confidence grows in children and parents alike. It truly is the unexpected intersection of great parenting and excellent home education. By the time this year is over, I pray that your family, like ours, will happily identify as Heart Schoolers and that you too will enjoy the incredible life Heart Schooling affords.

You’ll find that the secret to becoming a true Heart School family and enjoying the lifestyle that comes along with that is to change the central focus of your homeschool. We invite you to check out Leslie’s newest book, Homeschool with Heart: How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators to really dive into what we’re talking about and then join us in Teach Them Diligently 365 all year long and at an event this season to get even more encouragement and helps for your family to adopt this life-giving way to homeschool.

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Full-Day of Sessions
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Livestream Access
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We look forward to hosting our event at Grace Baptist Fellowship! Grace Baptist Fellowship is in the historic part of downtown Greenville, SC full of shops, restaurants, and parks with gorgeous walking paths. Be sure to plan a date night to tour the city of Greenville.

Grace Baptist Fellowship

Workshop Schedules Coming Soon!



Greenville, SC has a number of hotels within 10 minutes of Grace Baptist Fellowship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make each conference an informative and
valuable event for you.

The live event will start at 9am and end at 6:30pm. You can find the specific event schedule above the FAQ.

Yes, you can add them for an additional $15.00 to any in-person ticket.

Besides the obvious video feed vs in-person experience, we are live-streaming only one session per hour. The livestream will provide access to all three events, but only one room per hour. This means that we will rotate sessions at each of the TTD Live Events so there shouldn’t be any duplicate sessions livestreamed. Plus, you will have access for 60 days to all livestream sessions to watch at your convenience.

We are catering in Tropical Grille for lunch on Saturday. You can purchase a lunch ticket above. 

We will not have any discounted room blocks, so you can book a room at any  hotel that suites your needs best.

TTD Live is designed for adults only for mom and/or dad to take a day away from everyday life and be encouraged. We suggest you get childcare for the day. Infants are welcomed at no additional cost. If you bring older children, each of them will require a ticket to the event.

This event will focus on encouraging and challenging parents. At this time of year, it’s easy to get mired in the day to day activities of homeschooling and life in general. We hope this day of refreshment will help to refocus you on the importance of your mission and build your excitement about the privilege of parenting and discipling your children as God called you to do.

We are focusing on strengthening homeschool families as they begin this school year. As Homeschoolers we have the opportunity to disciple and teach our children in a way that others may not. Which makes it all the more important that we know What we are doing; How we should be doing it; and What we stand to gain by doing it.

If you can not make it to the live in-person event, the next best thing is watching the livestream of the speakers on stage. This is not a collection of info provided across a desk on a Zoom call. The live stream will be from stage in front of a live audience. The delivery from the speakers and the energy from the audience can not be matched, and you will benefit even while watching from home.

Each speaker touches on a specific aspect of homeschooling and family that when put together will thoroughly equip parents to strengthen their families. As you will see from our speaking schedule—which can be seen on this webpage(coming soon)—the speakers address reaching the heart of your families as well as the day to day function of running a homeschool successfully.

What a great idea!! Gather some friends together to make an event out of the live streams. You’ll get the same benefit of fellowship and fun that can be found at the actual event. You will all want to have a ticket, though, so you have access to the recordings in the days ahead.

Usually, a Teach Them Diligently event will have over 100 homeschool speakers, with 1,000 families in attendance and over 5,000 people in the building. This event is much more intimate. 

This is truly a live Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Event with the same Family- and Gospel-Focus you have come to expect from our organization. Every session will be in-front of a live audience which will re-create the same energy, encouragement, and know-how of one of our traditional events so that even from the comfort of your own home, you can feel like you’re actually there.

This event will provide substantial opportunity to speak with experts and speakers.

There will be books available to purchase from our speakers and stores. This will not be of the same scale as a traditional Teach Them Diligently event, but there will be resources available onsite.

Most hours of the day will have 3 workshop options available to you onsite. One room per hour will be streamed live on Saturday.

All sessions will be recorded and available through a TTD365 membership, along with every session ever recorded at each event over the last 10 years! You can also purchase a live stream ticket that will give you access to every live-streamed session for each TTD Live event up to 60 days after the event.

The cost for the event is for each person. This means that if you bring children that will use a seat then you must purchase a ticket. Furthermore, these seats at the live in-person event are non-refundable.

There are tickets available for just the internet livestream if you can not make it to the in-person event.

9:00 AM

Heidi St. John – Heidi St. John – Light A Thousand Fires: How Homeschoolers Can Engage With Culture And Win The Battle For Truth


Right place. Right time. Right team. We’re raising a generation of Daniels as America becomes a modern Babylon. The Lord has set us apart for such a time as this and He has a purpose for each of us and each of our children. Heidi St John lays out the rules of engagement for winning the culture war that seeks to destroy your children’s future and offers encouragement for the days we are living in. Listen. Learn. Leave with purpose and confidence.

Cheryl Kischuk – TTD365 – Am I Doing Enough

Choir Room

In this current culture, how do we combat the frustrating pitfalls, struggles, and lies that we, as parents, are not doing enough? Parents are burdened with the heavy responsibilities of equipping, educating, and discipling our children well into a post-Christian era. In this session, you will learn the antidote to the apprehension surrounding curriculum decisions, co-op choices, and comparisons. With practical parenting and discipline tips, Cheryl will discuss where true success in home education comes from. We will focus on contentment in present circumstances and look expectantly towards the future God has designed for our families.  

Hal and Melanie Young – Raising Real Men –Homeschooling Young Children


When do you get started and what do you do first? We’ve had precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. Find out how to know when each child is ready for formal academics, how to get started, and what homeschooling looks like for young children. Learn to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them to succeed academically.

10:10 AM

Leslie Nunnery- Teach Them Diligently – Homeschool for the Heart; Where great parents become AMAZING Home educators


This workshop will be foundational and helpful for a family at any stage of homeschooling. The 5 big ideas presented could potentially revolutionize your family life and homeschool. There will be five seed truths that we will discuss to help you focus on what matters this summer and to lay the foundation for next homeschool year well before you actually embark upon it.

Kim Sorgius  – Not Consumed Ministries – Secrets to Cultivating a Life-Giving Family Culture 

Choir Room

David Nunnery – Teach Them Diligently – Creating A Grateful Home: Way Beyond Please and Thank You!


Gratitude is so powerful in the heart of a believer. It will transform your home, your heart, and your mind. It will improve your platform for teaching, heal your marriage, and so much more.

11:20 AM

Heidi St. John – Heidi St. John – Biblical Discernment in an Unbibilical Age


Our grandparents were bombarded with Christian values in a world firmly grounded on faith and family. Our parents were a part of a cultural revolution in which faith became laughable and families were disassembled on a wholesale basis. And now we find ourselves awash in a world where what is good is called evil and what is wicked is called good. Learn why nurturing Biblical Discernment is an essential lifeskill for any parent hoping to navigate the treacherous cultural waters of the 21st century.

12:10 PM- 2:00 PM– Lunch and Shopping

2:00 PM

Stephen Ashton – Trail Life USA – Raising Godly Boys: The Four-Step Proven Process For Growing Boys Into Godly Men


Boys are in trouble. Hear Stephen Ashton of Trail Life USA talk about proven processes for helping to pull boys out of the cultural mire that seems to want to declare them deficient. If you have a boy in your home or are leading boys, you will be equipped with an understanding and strategy to make a difference.

Leslie Nunnery- Teach Them Diligently –  Refocus on your Marriage (Ladies Only)

Choir Room

The world is full of messaging that breeds discontent— your finances are not enough, your opportunities are not enough, your marriage is not enough, etc. Instagram and Facebook absolutely breed that discontent and encourage us to lean into it and feast on it. So, it’s time to refocus our hearts and minds on truth. It’s time to determine in our hearts that we will look at our relationships the way God designed them to be. So today we’ll focus in on that human relationship that’s the bedrock on which all of our others are built— our marriage. We’ll see how God designed it to be and how focusing in on the truths found in the Bible can transform our marriages from the inside out.

David Nunnery – Teach Them Diligenlty–Husbands Love Your Wives


In this men only session, we’re going to discuss what we can learn from the life and death of Jesus about loving our wives and how that can impact our families each and every day.

3:10 PM

Heidi St. John – Heidi St. John – The Busy Mom’s Homeschool Survival Guide: Because It’s a Jungle Out There! – “I’m overwhelmed!”


“I’m overwhelmed!”“My kids are going to have gaps in their education.” “Everything depends on me.” “I’ve failed too many times.” “I can’t do this right.” “I’m screwing up my kids.” “Everyone else’s kids are doing better t han mine.” Have you heard the lies, too? Join Heidi as she talks about her own experience of homeschooling seven children over 23 years and shares what will keep you in the race til the finish line. The key? Preparing your heart before your homeschool. You’ll want to bring a friend to this one!

Hal and Melanie Young – Raising Real Men – How Not to Lose Your Teens

Choir Room 

When you get to the end of your homeschooling and your child leaves home, things get real. At that point, the only thing you’ll have is relationship: their relationship with God and their relationship with you. Learn about encouraging research that highlights the critical importance of relationships in the spiritual life of our children, learn how to motivate lackadaisical teens, find out how to rebuild strained relationships, and get practical help to build the kind of relationship that will last through adulthood. Hal & Melanie’s six oldest children have grown up and left home and are their best friends.

Kim Sorgius – Not Consumed Ministries – From Devotions to Family Study: Helping Kids and Teens Grow in Faith


Whether you have toddlers or teens, we all have one thing in common: a desire to see our kids walk with the Lord and grow in faith. Kim explores the fun and simple ways to teach your kids to have regular devotional study, a meaningful prayer life, and engaging family discussions.

4:20 PM

Heidi St. John and Leslie Nunnery Q+A


Hal and Melanie Young – Raising Real Men – Middle School Madness

Choir Room 

When our oldest was eight, we thought we were pretty great homeschool parents. Then he hit nine or ten and the wheels fell off his educational train! Another child did pretty well until he was eleven, then all-of-a-sudden he couldn’t focus at all or remember things he’d learned last week. Others didn’t struggle until twelve or thirteen, but there seems to be something that makes middle school just plain hard, for nearly everyone. How do you live through it? Is it possible to make the middle school years great? Join Hal & Melanie for doable ideas and real hope for getting through the challenging tween/preteen years and laying a foundation to make high school even better.

Cheryl Kischuk – TTD365 – Joy of the Lord is your Strength


The Winter Blues. A Mid-Year Slump. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lack of Motivation. Whatever term you choose, you are not alone. During the second half of the school year, many educators, and students alike struggle to renew their vigor for educational rigor.

Anxiety and Depression are on the rise in our culture and there are unique aspects of homeschooling that contribute to these issues. Cheryl is a homeschool mom with a Master’s degree in Professional Christian Counseling. She shares her personal struggle with worry and how she has found peace and joy along the way. She identifies several warning signs and gives you practical advice and resources to help you overcome this common battle. This session will build vision and life into your days. It will focus on where our sincere strength comes from to finish the school year well.

5:30 PM

Kim Sorgius – Not Consumed Ministries – How to Foster Responsibility in Your Homeschool


You can’t do everything, but that’s a good thing because responsibility is one of the most important skills kids can learn. In this session, we will explore practical ways to get your kids to take ownership and how to make sure nothing falls through the cracks in the process.

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