Children's Theatre Program Ages 10-14

Presented by


March 24th - 25th 9am - 6pm


Kalahari Resort Round Rock, TX


The Theatre Program is $75 per child

Arts Alive!/Lightshine Theatre Curriculum Christian Theatre Program Information

Arts Alive!/Lightshine Theatre Curriculum is a non-profit, Christian arts organization that utilizes the arts to further the Kingdom of Christ.  Through engaging theatre programs and performances, they train children to be leaders and communicators for the glory of God.

Your child doesn’t need to know how to act to enjoy their time in this program! Arts Alive!/Lightshine Theatre Curriculum  will have activities such as games, bible lessons, singing, and other fun activities found in our typical Children’s Program. If your child isn’t comfortable acting, there will be other activities for them to do during the acting portion of the schedule. Essentially, the Theatre Program is the Children’s Program with the addition of having Theatre Arts in their schedule, which your child DOES NOT need to participate in the acting part if they are not comfortable doing so. The children who are participating, will be preforming for the parents on Saturday.

Arts Alive!/Lightshine Theatre Curriculum  theatre programs are specifically designed to equip and encourage children to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow, boldly standing for truth and communicating the Gospel to the world.

Rehearsal, devotions, games, and small group experiences work together to increase children’s confidence in their giftings.

Participants in the Christian Theatre Program at Teach Them Diligently will also produce and perform a 30 minute show for parents and other attending families on the last afternoon of the conference.

Arts Alive!/Lightshine Theatre Curriculum Theatre Program Photo Gallery

Theatre Program FAQs

No, this program is for any interested 10-14 year old!

Yes!  Shy children often benefit the most from our programs.  We are intentional about drawing children out beyond their comfort zone in a fun and positive way that avoids negative attention and embarrassment.  One minute they are laughing and having fun and the next moment they are performing in front of an audience.  We have seen this happen numerous times over the years.

We do use scripts, but our staff reads the script for our first read through so that children may hear the lines.  We try not to put any children on the spot for reading, especially if we are made aware of their struggle.  Any lines your child may need to learn will be sent with them with time for private study and rehearsal.

Students will receive an email before the event which may ask them to bring a simple costume piece, but it should be something they likely already have, like a red tshirt or something similar.

Absolutely!  As long as students are in the same general age group, we will make every effort to ensure that they stay together.  Some exceptions can be made across age groups as well.  The Arts Alive staff works to make sure every child has a positive experience.

The staff of Arts Alive has 30 years of experience working with children in a Christian theatre environment, building their confidence and communication skills.  They also have degrees in Theatre and Performing Arts.  Heather and Craig Bitterling, Arts Alive’s founders, have nine children of their own and have been homeschooling for the past 20 years.  The staff they hire to accompany them are people they know personally and have worked with for a number of years. They take very seriously the call to train communicators for Christ and speak encouragement and value into the lives of children.

No, the performance is included with enrollment in the program.  No ticket is required.