Teach them Diligently 2023

Pigeon Forge, TN | LeConte Center | May 4-6th 2023


A conference for refocusing your vision for your homeschool

Teach Them Diligently events and resources have been used by the Lord to impact countless homeschool families just like yours by encouraging their hearts, refocusing their minds, and helping them find joy and order in what God has called them to do. It is truly a JOY to get together with thousands of others who are making decisions that put the hearts and minds of their family first. Make your plans to join us this season in Pigeon Forge, TN for a 3-day celebration of faith, family, and homeschooling unlike you’ve ever experienced. We cannot WAIT to see you there!

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Why Us?

Get Simple Answers to help your family thrive through homeschool. For over 11 years, our events have been a life-changing experience for all homeschoolers focused on Family Discipleship.

How Much?

So much cheaper than you would expect. We try to keep our event as affordable as possible. The earlier you sign up, the cheaper your price will be so be sure to sign up today!​

When is it?

Our event is a 3 day event starting on Thursday afternoon, May 4th 2023 and ending on Saturday evening, May 6th 2023. We will be offering some pre-conference opportunities beginning Wednesday afternoon, May 3rd, 2023.

Keynote Speaker



Speaker | Actress | Homeschool Mom

Chelsea and her husband, Kirk Cameron played love interests Mike and Kate Seaver in the 1980’s hit sitcom “Growing Pains”. They’ve been married for over 25 years, and have six children. Together, they continue to produce faith-based entertainment for the entire family. Chelsea’s unique faith-based marriage and family class, 24/7 Family, continues to teach, inspire, and encourage women of many backgrounds to discover the secret of a healthy, happy, brave and fruitful home.

Additional programs for the whole family

Programs for Children & teens

Programs and classes for your children and teens, including writing classes, programming classes, and much more!

Programs for Moms & Dads

Special events for moms and dads, including a men's breakfast, TTD 365 meet-ups, and more!

Programs for the Whole Family!

Our family fun night is sure to be a blast for the entire family! We look forward to seeing you there!

Why this theme for 2023?

For the last 11 years, Teach Them Diligently events and resources have focused on the HEART of our homeschool, and we’ve stood in awe as God has transformed families by opening their eyes to the incredible importance of what they do every single day within their homes. By prioritizing discipleship, relationships, and giving our children a foundation for their faith that will hold no matter what craziness the world tries to push on them, we are truly preparing them for success no matter what God calls them to do in the days ahead. Time after time, we’ve heard from families whose lives have been transformed as they’ve realized the importance of their mission and re-aligned their thinking to fit that.

Homeschooling for the heart of your children is a lifestyle choice that goes well beyond a mere educational decision. It can strengthen your family, give increased confidence, and bring peace to your days. We believe in the method so much in fact that we’ve coined the phrase “Heart Schoolers” to identify those of us who prioritize discipleship and allow that to drive our educational efforts. Heart Schooling prioritizes the hearts in children. When priorities are in line, hearts are won, academic excellence is achieved as love of learning increases, and confidence grows in children and parents alike. It truly is the unexpected intersection of great parenting and excellent home education. By the time this year is over, I pray that your family, like ours, will happily identify as Heart Schoolers and that you too will enjoy the incredible life Heart Schooling affords.

You’ll find that the secret to becoming a true Heart School family and enjoying the lifestyle that comes along with that is to change the central focus of your homeschool. We invite you to check out Leslie’s newest book, Homeschool with Heart: How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators to really dive into what we’re talking about and then join us in Teach Them Diligently 365 all year long and at an event this season to get even more encouragement and helps for your family to adopt this life-giving way to homeschool.

Additional Information

Learn more about the on-site discounted hotel room here!

The preliminary schedule is here!

Men’s Breakfast, Teen, Children & Theatre Program information here!

Attraction discounts for Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg!


May 3rd | Homeschooling High School | Homeschool Launch

Be sure to check out the pre-conference events starting on May 3rd. If you’re new to homeschool or thinking about starting soon, you need to join us for our Homeschool Launch event and if you’re homeschooling high school– or getting close to doing so, the Homeschooling High School event is for you! 


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One thing we love about the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge is the huge FREE parking lot! A list of our partner hotels and special room rates can be found here.

Yes. We have a limited number of volunteer subsidies available. These subsidies involve working several hours at the Teach Them Diligently Convention. You can follow the volunteer tab on the main menu for more information about volunteering at one of our sites. Volunteers will receive a free registration if they are willing to work 8 hours at the convention. Sign up to volunteer here.

We strive to keep the Teach Them Diligently Convention reasonably priced compared to other conventions. We encourage you to attend the whole event if possible.

Single-day passes will be available for purchase on-site only.

We do not offer exhibit hall only passes at this time.

We deeply respect any parents who are serving our country while homeschooling their children. 

Therefore, we offer a special discount of $30 off a regular priced registration for any military families. Please note, this special discount cannot be combined with any other offer or sales price. Please email [email protected] to receive your special code.