Todd Friel

Todd is the host of Wretched TV and Radio, he is an author of five books, twenty two Bible studies, the husband of one wife, and father to three adult children.

Workshops from Todd Friel (may vary by event location)

Teenagers don’t have to be a nightmare

Americans assume that the teenage years will be turbulent. That is a lie. When a family applies God’s three rules for every family, the teenage years don’t have to be a nightmare.

Teen Parenting

Teenagers must learn these truths or you can kiss them goodbye

If you do not thoroughly prepare your teenager to fly the coup, you will likely watch them walk out the door and walk away from the Christian faith. This does not have to happen to you.

Teen Parenting

Teenagers need to know that Christianity is not an App, it is a worldview

Why do so many teenagers abandon the faith? Because they believe that Christianity is an add on to the rest of their lives. Join us to learn how to help your teenager orient their entire life toward Jesus Christ and never desire to wander.

Teen Parenting