Kim Sorgius

A 20+ year homeschool veteran, Kim Sorgius is passionate about helping families grow in faith so they are NOT CONSUMED by life. Her practical sessions will inspire and equip you to homeschool without feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. Kim loves combining her teaching experience with her M.Ed. in Curriculum Development to create incredible resources for families.

Workshops from Kim Sorgius (may vary by event location)

Secrets to Cultivating a Life-Giving Family Culture

Every family has a culture . . . a way of living. And every family is defined by it. Are your family’s mission and
culture breathing life into your days? Being intentional and purposeful is the best way to make sure your
mission aligns with your worldview. You’ll leave this session armed with a list of practical ideas and an
encouraged heart!

How to Create a Curriculum Plan Your Child Will Love

If you love the idea of a flexible curriculum guided by your child’s interests but aren’t sure how to make that
happen without holes or headaches, this session is for you. 20+ year veteran homeschool mom Kim Sorgius
will show you how to create your own curriculum plans for your child’s interests, using tools and resources to
make the job easy. It’s time to think outside of the box!

How to Create YOUR Perfect Homeschool Schedule

You’ve tried all the things that seem to work for other people yet still can’t find the right homeschool
schedule for you. Trust me—you’re not alone. Figuring out how to teach multiple ages, fold the laundry, and
keep the toddlers from writing on the walls with markers can feel overwhelming. Join 20+ year homeschool
veteran and work-at-home mom Kim Sorgius as she shares practical ways to wrangle your homeschool
schedule for good.

5 Things God Says About Loving Your Siblings

Hey kids, bring your parents and learn how to LOVE your siblings. We will take a look at what the Bible says about siblings and learn easy ways you can love your siblings even when it’s hard. (Parents are welcome without kids, too!)

To Teach or NOT to Teach

Are we pushing too hard or doing too little? Are we teaching the right things at the right time? Will there be gaps? This session is all about fostering a love of learning while still meeting the academic needs of your kids and keeping the important things in focus.

Homeschool Organization

How to Foster Responsibility in Your Homeschool

You can’t do everything, but that’s a good thing because responsibility is one of the most important skills kids can learn. In this session, we will explore practical ways to get your kids to take ownership and how to make sure nothing falls through the cracks in the process.


How to Help Kids and Teens Study the Bible and Grow in Faith

Whether you have toddlers or teens, we all have a desire to see our kids walk with the Lord and grow in faith. In this session, we will explore fun and simple ways to teach your kids to have regular devotional study, a meaningful prayer life, and engaging family discussions.

Bible, Bible/Scripture Memory, Biblical Worldview & Culture

Help! My Child Has an ATTITUDE!

From rolling eyes to slamming doors, sometimes a kid’s attitude is simply frustrating! If you’re at your wits’ end or just looking for practical ways to get to the HEART of the matter, this session is for you. As Proverbs 4 says, your attitude determines your life’s path. Let’s help our kids get on the right path!